Frequently asked questions

what are the benefits of drone spraying ?
  1. Uniform spraying across the crop and plants

  2. 90% water saving

  3. 10-20% pesticide saving

  4. Health safety

  5. Time saving

  6. Avoids loss of production due to physical movement of tractor or manpower

  7. Can spray heighted and bushy crops easily where manual reach is difficult

  8. Timely spray and resolves labour problem.

How much time Drone (UAV- RPAS) takes to cover one acre?

Spraying time is 7-8 minutes per acre, but preparation of liquid requires 6-8 minutes to average out complete operation is done in 12-15 minutes for an acre.

how much time a drone can fly?

It can fly 20minutes at a stretch with one set of battery, in technical language we call it as endurance time.

How much area a drone can cover in a day?

The drone has a capacity to cover 25 to 40 acres per day depends on Crop, weather and Flying conditions Starting from 7.00am in the morning till evening.

How much time it takes to charge a battery?

It depends- Battery can be charged in 20 min/ 60min/3hrs.

How much water is required?

It depends on crop canopy as well as plant to plant spacing. normally 11 to 15litres one acre gets completed.

How much pesticide or fungicide is used in spraying through drone?

As of now we recommend 10-20% less dosages per acre as per recommendations given for Manual spray per acre dosage. Further depends on crop to crop.

Can spraying through drone also covers back of leaves?

Yes, because of wind thrust the leaves are shaken and spray also covers back of the leaves

Can the wind thrust disturb the Canopy of Crop or flower dropping?

It depends on expertise and experience of Pilot. Our Pilots are specially trained on how to Fly on such crops i.e. at what speed / at what height / what should be the flow percentage and various other parameters.

How effective are the results of Drone spraying on Crop?

Till date we have covered more than 4000+ acres in almost all crops and we have more than 1500+ happy farmers on the effectiveness and cost economy. It is a continuous process

What is the cost of spraying per acre?

It grossly starts from Rs. 600/- up to Rs. 1500/- per acre depends on Crop and spray type. In horticulture crops/ orchards it is per plant grossly starting from Rs. 3/- to Rs. 20/- per plant.

What is minimum requirement to call the drone for service?

The Minimum requirement is 20-25 acres for a drone unit to come.

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